Language Training


Virtual Classroom




Group Size:

Depending on levels



To suit your requirements

Training programme: 
Corporate language training needs careful planning. We will help you to find the right teacher to achieve your goals. You will have 15 min free with your teacher and then you can start your training. We will give advice on method, level, booklets.

Progress reports:

We think that it is important to know your progress, it is why we  monitor your progress with our teacher report within 24 hours. 

Language Training for Busy Professionals

Unlock the potential of your workforce: 

The e-learning with Etzou boosts confidence, increases retention rates, and enables your staff to deliver more value to the business.

24h during 7 days:

We offer Methodology tailored to your learning needs and quality & safety with certification.

Qualified, native teachers.

Why employee language training is good for business

Personal and professional development

Continuing education options in the workplace not only shows employee appreciation but it’s also the most desired employee benefit.

Productivity through team building

Besides teaching valuable business language skills our courses provide excellent opportunities for team building activities.

Compete globally

Multilingual employees can help expand and grow the business in new markets.Make your organization's diversity an asset.