14 janvier 2017

Pre-Primary and Primary English Courses- for children aged 4-6 & 7-11 years. Method and books with Cambridge University Press.

Pre-Primary English Courses- for children aged 4-6 :

Method: Super Safari – This course is for absolute beginners at the level A1. I would recommend this course if you have very young children who are being introduced to English in a fun way.


Primary English Courses- for children aged 4-6 years old.  :

Method: Power Up – I would highly recommend this course as it’s our official preparation course leading to exams. It is a very complete series ranging from A1-B1. I very much like this course book because it integrates the Cambridge Life Competencies, which means that children learn language but also learn life skills and develop their cognitive and analytical skills. 


14 janvier 2017

Secondary English courses for children aged 11-16 years . Method in partnership with Cambridge University Press.

Talent: I really recommend Talent as it is very digital and has an image focus. In addition, it combines the life skills competencies with language learning and developing and helping form young learners. Ranges from A2-B2. Not recommended for absolute beginners. 


Eyes Open: Again, a great course book that uses Discovery Channel videos and has similar characteristics as Talent. Levels from A1-B1. 


Think: As above, Think is a great course book. It ranges from A1–C1 and there is a great differential as you would be able to use the same title across the years with the same students.


That said, nothing would stop you from adopting Talent from A2-B1 and then Think B2-C1 in case you have students at the appropriate age that would be too young for an exam preparation course.


14 janvier 2017

IELTS preparation with Cambridge University Press materials.Intensive e-class anytime, anywhere in face-to-face online sessions with your native English teacher!



Mindset for IELTS – Available at several different levels, Mindset is a book that guides the student through a preparation course to IELTS. All the activities and exercises are relevant and correspond to a technique or strategy that candidates are expected to apply during the exam. As an IELTS teacher, I believe that with a great exam teacher and the use of this course book, students should definitely succeed in passing IELTS with the desired grade. This book also includes the online workbook, extra Academic Skills workbook and 4 full IELTS mock tests that are auto-marked.