Happy learning. Yes, e-learning is very much green learning.

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Learn green, learn Etzou.

Etzou eco friendly in five points.

"e-learning produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions than standard face-to-face or distance learning". 

  • Less gas are used by e-learner​

Classroom or face-to-face training usually means either getting a trainer to come to you, or sending your people off to a training venue, and for many organisations, it will be both. Cue planes, trains and automobiles

  • We reduce the carbon dioxide emission

A recent study by the Open University claims that on average, e-learning produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions than standard face-to-face or distance learning. 

  • Fewer natural resources are used in e-learning

A class of student use more than 220 pounds of CO2 per student against only 10 pounds for one student online. E-learning reduced energy by 91% per student when we compare to a face to face tuition.

  • Limit the pollution

The paper industry is the largest consumer of energy and uses more water to produce a ton of product than any other industry. It's also the third largest industrial polluter to air

  • Limit the deforestation

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, School waste have actually 60% of paper, when we know that 16 trees represent one ton of paper waste. So with e-learning we save 100% of this trees!

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Benefits of Eliminating Travel through e-Learning


No need to drive 


Reducing your travel time


Reduce the cost of your travel

The idea:

Etzou reverse a % of thee learning fees to Sonia association teaching languages to vulnerable groups. 

The association:

SONIA ("SOciety for New Initiatives and Activities" is a non profit organization) established in July 2002. This association is legally registered in Italy (registration number 9727510584). SONIA is a lay and multicultural organisation engaged in issues related to the self-determined and sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable groups (indigenous peoples, youth, children, women and migrants) in the global south. In  2019. Et Zou will provide e learning English lessons to women in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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