Save time, save money and join the Et Zou generation with our award-winning education brand  Et Patati Patata!  Learn French, English, all foreign languages, as well music, art, sport... from the comfort of your home. Join our virtual instant on-line classroom with a carefully selected tutor by Et Patati Patata and talk face-to-face with them instantly.

Share lessons, exercises, videos on the white board and receive badges and certificates.

It is flexible. It is secure. It is your own path of learning.  Whenever. Wherever. You will never miss a class.

Et Zou generation. Etzouelearning

You are in good hands!

Et Patati Patata has boomed in the London education business over the past 4 years. Award-winning brand NRCSE Quality Framework Gold Award 2018, Et Patati Patata is certified by FLAM for French language and have a partnership with Cambridge University Press for English. 

We offer e-language, e-music, e-art, e-sport lessons to children and adults of all levels. 

Choose a tutor from our carefully selected team. Have a 15-minute free trial with the tutor of your choice. 

We will advise you on how to build your own programme and choose the best materials.  

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