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Connect and talk face-to-face in live video

Meet your tutor via instant live video


Learn with our collaborative white board

Find exercises, homework, resources, videos, audios in the Et Zou e-learning space. Share, write everything on the white board!


Quality, pedagogy, security

We give advice, follow your progress, we interview tutors and check IDs, lessons are recorded on the e-learning platform. All lessons take place on the site. Personal contact details remain private.

Why Et Zou?


We are accredited Flam Gold Quality standard for the French lessons at all levels and we have a partnership with Cambridge University Press for English at all levels.


You are in good hands

Award winning education brand.

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How does it work ?

Ask our Education Team advisers on chat  or email regarding: timing, your needs, level...


Meet tutors for free before you book in Et Zou Lesson Space

Meet your tutor in the Et Zou on-line lesson secure space, it is easy and let us know if you are happy to learn with them! We will give advice on method, level, booklets. Lessons are booked 5 at a time on Et Zou platform. Every 5 lessons you will receive an email to see if you want to pursue your teaching with your Tutor!

Book your one-to-one On-line Lessons pack with us!

Once you've found the right tutor, you can book a minimum of 5 sessions with us. We will send you an invoice.


By learning on-line, you cut travel costs!

E learning is Eco Friendly!

Speak to our Team, meet for free one of our tutors and start learning!

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