Business Advantage

Business Leader of tomorrow

100 teaching hours of material, B1 B2 C1 C2

All courses for tomorrow's business leader. This combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills. 

English for Business Communication

Communication in business

B1 B2

This courses helps learners communicate better when socialising, telephoning, presenting, taking part in meetings and negociating. 

Business Start-up

Beginner in the Business

50 teaching hours A1 A2

This course teaches English as it's really spoken, using natural language, realistic contexts and a regular focus on pronunciation. 

Grammar for business

Communication skills

B1 B2

Providing clear explanations and authentic practice od=f essential business language and help students improve their communication skills in realistic situation. 

Be My Guest

Hotel industry

A2 B1

This course focuses on the everyday language needed by hotel employees. 


Computer users

60 teaching hours B1

This course covers everything from computer essentials through to programming, web design, job-hunting and future technologies. 


Aviation English for Pilots and ATCOs

B2 C1

This course is the definitive course for pilots and Air traffic Controllers who need an ICA04 level of english to work in the industry. 

International Legal English

Experienced lawyers and law student

80-100 teaching hours B2 C1

This course focus on commercial law with topics ranging from contracts, company formation to intellectual property. 

Professional English in Use

Professional English

60-90 teaching hours B1 B2 C1

This series offers reference and practice of specialist vocabulary for training and in-service professionals who need English to communicate at work. 

Cambridge English for...

ELT Methodology

40-60 teaching hours per book A2 B1 B2 C1

This short courses series combines the best ELT methodology with real professional practice to develop the specialist language and communication skills professionals need in their daily work. 

Cambridge Business Skills

All skills for Business

15-30 teaching hours B1 B2 C1 C2

Here you have "Writing for Impact" to covers all aspects of writing ; "Communication Across Cultures" which covers all types of written and spoken communications ; "Dynamic Presentation" which covers all key language and presentation techniques ; "International Negotiation" which give essential skills, language and techniques for a successful negotiation. 

Business Vocabulary in Use

Learner and teacher of Business English

A2 B1 B2 C1

It gives clear explanations of new language plus exercises to practise using the new language. 

English for Business Studies

Business studies and economics student

60-90 teaching hours B2 C1

This course helps students to understand and talk about key concepts in business and economics. 


Work and life

45 teaching hours A2 B1

This course enables learners to develop the English they need for the social and business communication demands of their daily lives. 


Travel and Tourism industry


This course teaches core language skills for everyday communication in hospitality, travel and tourism. 

English for the Financial Sector

Financial environment

45-50 teaching hours B1 B2 

This course give the students the language they need to work in the financial environment. 

Introduction to International Legal English

Law sector

60-80 teaching hours B1

This course help to understand the law whilst consolidating the language skills needed for a career in the legal profession.  

Safe Sailing

SMCP training for seafarers

A1 A2 B1

This course prepares sailors for communicating safely at sea by providing thorough practice of the International Marine Communication Phrases. 

Good Practice

Medical Practioner

60-65 teaching hours B2 C1

This course prepares doctors to communicate with patients in a wide range of medical scenarios in English. 

English in Medicine

Medical student and professional


Each of the seven units focuses on one area of doctor-patient communication, from history-taking and examination to diagnosis and treatment. 


Qualified Quality standard Outstanding teaching Supplementary NRCSE UK

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