Cours particulier de langues et soutien scolaire - 1H

Cours particulier de langues et soutien scolaire - 1H


Learn french, and all languages on line from anywhere with our private virtual classroom.

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    Learn any languages anytime, anywhere in virtual classrooms face to face with your tutor!

    Save time, save money, connect via video with your teacher and learn sharing video, exercises on our e learning secure space.

    Join the Et Zou generation with our Award-winning education expert in education Et Patati Patata. Learn all foreign languages from the comfort of your home. It is your #metime and you will never miss a class!


    You are in good hand: programme, pedagogy and certifications!

    Et Patati Patata has boomed in the uk education business over the past 4 years. Award-winning expert in education NRCSE Quality framework Gold and Flam French curriculum certification. In English, EtZou is partner with Cambridge University Press for English lessons all levels.

    Choose one of our tutors carefully selected and start learning face to face via video on Et Zou e learning space.


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    English : IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC