Et Patati Patata Fun French E-Easter Holidays Day Camp!

Fun French E-Easter Holiday Day Camp 2020! On va s'amuser les enfants!

Number 1 London French Day Camp ! The French immersion programme. Beginners welcome!

  • Détails et Programmes

    Since 2014, Et Patati et patata is a french immersion program based on a wide range of fun and creative activities in French tailored on program of the french schools. Children will explore the sounds, flavours, customs, and cultures. Language will be taught through stories, songs, visits and workshops. We will encourage children to talk, write, relate our amazing days and the will progress in french with fun!


    Each day from April 14th to 17th :

    1 hour French lessons + 1 hour  french workshop :

    Drama-Singing-Dessin-Music all in French!


    Programme Teen + 10 ans: 

    click here for the programme

    Programme des petits 4-9 ans:

    click here for the programme


    #Nominated Best Summer Day Camp amongst 15 Day Camp UK- Angel & Urchins magazine!