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Five Key Reasons E-learning Is a Green Option.


An online college degree program is a convenient, flexible option for most people. But many of them aren’t aware that e-learning benefits the environment.

Most people are familiar with most of the benefits of pursuing an online college degree program, such as convenience and flexibility. However, it’s less well-known that e-learning also has measurable eco-friendly benefits. Here’s how online learning fits into a green lifestyle.

#1 Online Learners Use Less Gas.

#2 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Reduced.

#3 E-Learning Uses Fewer Natural Resources.

In addition to limiting the gas used for car commutes, e-learning uses substantially fewer natural resources than learning that takes place in a classroom setting. These savings are primarily due to the power and energy used to heat or cool a classroom. However, e-learning also reduces the need for plastic, metal, wood, building materials, and other nonrenewable resources.

#4 It Helps Save Trees.

#5 Less Printer Ink Is Used.

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