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Language Training Benefits Your Business!

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Foreign language skills are vital in today’s global economy. Language proficiency supports executives to advance in their careers and helps multinational companies speed up overseas expansion. Every CEO or HR manager who wants to hire a language trainer struggles to quantify the value and benefit of language training to the business but there is convincing data to help them make their case.

Workers who receive language training become more confident and perform better.../...

Meanwhile, employees who are given language training feel rewarded and more engaged in their work because their company invested in their personal and professional growth.../...

Shared language increases employee retention.

One of the biggest and most common challenges for human resource managers or executives is keeping employees happy.../...

Companies, truly know thy customer.

Knowing the local language is crucial to succeeding in foreign markets. You can't serve diverse customers on a day-to-day-basis if you don't understand each other. Most countries have multiple languages, and nuances in tone, pronunciation and delivery all affect how people perceive the message you want to send.../...

So whether it’s improving employee engagement and retention or earning customer satisfaction and loyalty, it’s undeniable that language training can positively impact businesses immediately, and in the future.

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