Methodology tailored to your learning needs

We are not a tutors/family platform. We are qualified teachers. We know you. We will understand your needs and provide advice on choosing the best subjects, materials and methodology for you to progress, and we will help you to select the right tutor for your specific needs.

Quality & safety

We carefully select our tutors: ID, interview, tests,  motivation. We train our tutors, they follow our certified and time-tested programmes, we check the course content, and monitor your progress as we receive reports from tutors within 24 hours. 

An e-learning space just for you

Once you book a lesson with your tutor, you can access your own private learning space, where you will find your class content, exercises, videos, homework. You will win badges and certificates. You can access your space at any time should you want to continue working during the week. 


Qualified Quality standard Outstanding teaching Supplementary NRCSE UK.

Shortlisted Brilliant Hammersmith & Fulham business Awards 2015.
Number 1 London French Day Camp.
Selected FLAM French Government School  pour les enfants de langue maternelle française.
Since July 2014, + 3000 children attended with success Et Patati Patata!
Best French after-school classes- Cambridge partnership  with Cambridge University Press